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    Salient Features for PL - II Pirn Winding Machine

  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Individual head is adjustable for different count of yarn and pirns also.
  • Low noise and low maintenance cost.
  • Specially designed system for loading the weft empty pirns which ensure the safety, easy, damage free pirn loading.
  • Minimal yarn waste.
  • Different type of pirns can be used by simple setting.
  • Working efficiency highly improved ensures higher production.
  • Work load is less and fewer operators required.
  • Excellent engineering after sales service
  • Placement of cones with proper guided tension ensures 100% equal tension on both spindles.
  • Spares available upon request.

    Technical Specifications
Automatic Pirn Winding Machine - "PL-II", " Priyalaxmi". For Winding Polyester, Cotton, Synthetic, Silk, Nylon, Filament, Terylene, Man Made Fibre, Woollen Yarn, Acrylic, Viscos, Zari etc...

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