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Technical specifications for Priyalaxmi Pirn Winding Machine

No of Spindles
4Spindles Unit in 1 Heads
8 Spindles Unit in 2 Heads
Pirn Length 150mm to 190mm
191mm to 250mm
Bunch 0 - 15 Meters
Winding Diameter Max. 30mm
Spindle Speed 5500 RPM
Yarn Speed 250 Meter per Minute
Cone Length 35, 45, 50
No. of  Travers 6/10/13
Electric Motor
3 Phase, 440 Volts, 1440 RPM
0.75 HP. for 4 Spindles Unit
1.5 HP. for 8 Spindles Unit
Machine Size Length Width Height
4 Spindles Unit   108 cm   108 cm   158 cm  
8 Spindles Unit   208 cm   108 cm   158 cm  

* Technical Specification subject to change as per quality of yarn and type of pirn is to be used.

Automatic Pirn Winding Machine - "PL-II", " Priyalaxmi". For Winding Polyester, Cotton, Synthetic, Silk, Nylon, Filament, Terylene, Man Made Fibre, Woollen Yarn, Acrylic, Viscos, Zari etc...

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